Deer Repellent Solution


Tick & Mosquito Solutions


Take Initiative Check Kids


All-Natural Deer Repellent that Really Works!

Protect your landscape! If the deer in your yard are starting to love your plants and perennials as much as you do, it’s time for a good deer repellent! ohDEER alternates four safe, field-tested, all-natural deer control sprays to effectively protect your property all year long.

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Keep Ticks and Mosquitoes Away!

Protect your fun! Do ticks and mosquitoes keep you and your family from enjoying outdoor activities? ohDEER’s safe, all-natural pest control sprays can change that. Let us show you how to take action and take back your yard.

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Preventing Tick-Borne Diseases: What You Should Know

Protect your kids! Learn what you can do to greatly reduce the risk of Lyme Disease. Take Initiative Check Kids or T.I.C.K. is ohDEER’s public service effort to arm you and your family with the best information.

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